30% Of Fans Didn't Realize The Apple Watch Has This Hidden Feature - SlashGear Survey

Apple has dominated the smartwatch segment since the company debuted the first Apple Watch back in 2015. Currently in its eighth generation, the Apple Watch continues to hold on to a sizable 30% of the global smartwatch market. While the Apple Watch lineup has received universal praise for its good looks and excellent software, a key reason for its massive popularity could be attributed to Apple's consistency in keeping the lineup updated with new features with every successive iteration. Apple's latest smartwatch — the recently-launched Apple Watch Series 8 — is no exception to this, as it packs in a bevy of new features, including a temperature sensor, fall detection, and crash detection.

Given the long evolution of the Apple Watch lineup, the Apple Watch Series 8 is among the most technologically advanced smartwatches money could buy. The feature list on this tiny gadget is so extensive that most Apple Watch owners may never even get to fully unlock the product's potential — and, it turns out, many people have no idea about some of the things their Apple Watch is capable of.

Do you know about these hidden Apple Watch features?

Of the 611 people in the U.S. who participated in our survey, 29.95% told us they had no idea that their Apple Watch could take screenshots. This feature has been around for a really long time and has been part of the Apple Watch's features list since its inception. Coming in at a close second place with over 27% of the respondents talking about it is the Apple Watch's ability to ping a paired iPhone and blink its screen. This feature is helpful for people who frequently misplace their iPhones and need a little help locating them. Do note, however, that this feature needs to be enabled on your iPhone beforehand for it to work.

Another Apple Watch feature that a large percentage of our respondents (21%) had no idea existed is called the Theater Mode. When enabled, Theater Mode prevents the Apple Watch display from turning on when users raise their wrists. The same mode also puts the watch on silent mode, with only the haptic notifications continuing to bother you. 

Do note that the Theater Mode is not the same as the silent mode, which also ended up in this list with more than 7% of the respondents having no clue it existed. Another Apple Watch feature that 13% of these respondents weren't aware of is the ability to auto-answer phone calls without having to use the iPhone. Are you wondering what else your Apple Watch can do? We have the answer.