29% Of Tech Fans Think This Is The Best Feature Of The New Apple Watch Ultra - SlashGear Survey

Apple's September 2022 launch event saw the company announce a bunch of new products alongside the iPhone 14 series. Apart from the latest iPhone models, Apple used the occasion to expand its wearable portfolio with the announcement of the second generation AirPods Pro and three new Apple Watch models. While two of these watch models were incremental updates to previous-generation products, the event also saw the launch of an entirely new Apple Watch called the Apple Watch Ultra, which was touted as the most feature-loaded Apple Watch ever made. In fact, the list of superlatives attributed to the Apple Watch Ultra range from being the most rugged Apple Watch yet all the way to packing the largest display ever on an Apple Watch.

Other features that are part of the Apple Watch Ultra experience include support for dual-frequency GPS. This backtracking feature could potentially prevent trekkers from getting lost in the wilderness. The watch also gets an enhanced compass app that lets users set waypoints while exploring the countryside. Apple also claims that the Watch Ultra could last up to 36 hours on a single charge under normal usage scenarios. The product is water resistant to 100 meters (about 328 feet) and is a certified dive computer, too. Given the sheer number of features the Apple Watch Ultra boasts, it is hard for anyone to choose one single favorite feature on the device. However, that is precisely what SlashGear asked a group of respondents in a survey, the results of which turned out to be rather interesting.

People love the Apple Watch Ultra's emergency siren feature

While the Apple Watch Ultra has several noteworthy features, most of the 611 U.S. respondents we polled (29.30%, to be precise) chose the emergency siren feature on the device as their favorite. This high-decibel alarm is a crucial safety feature currently exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra. The feature uses a built-in 86-decibel siren to attract the attention of rescue personnel during emergencies. The alarm is loud enough to be heard up to 600 feet away. After choosing one of the many ways to activate the alarm, the watch will continuously play a loud noise until the user turns it off or until the device runs out of battery.

With 23.08% of the votes, the second favorite feature on the Apple Watch Ultra is its water temperature sensor and depth gauge. These features are part of the Watch Ultra's recreational diving capabilities. When the depth app is invoked, it displays information about the current time, current depth, maximum depth reached, the amount of time spent underwater, and even the water temperature. 

The Apple Watch Ultra feature that earned third place — with 17.68% of the votes — is the customizable Action Button on the watch that lets users program the action button on the device to perform a specific action. Finally, with 15.88% and 14.08% of the votes, the Apple Watch Ultra's dual-frequency GPS and Night Mode features came in at the fourth and fifth positions, respectively. While the dual-frequency GPS ensures higher location accuracy, the Night Mode feature on the Apple Watch Ultra makes everything on the watch's display easier to read in the dark.