Kindle Scribe Brings A Stylus To The E-Reader Family

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Apple's iPads have had a first party stylus for a few years now with the Apple Pencil. Other tablet brands have been playing catch-up. Today at Amazon's Devices and Services event, Amazon announced that it will be adding a stylus-equipped model to its lineup of Kindle e-readers. 

Kindle e-reader devices are known, in part, for their battery life lasting weeks on end and easy access to Amazon's library of several million eBooks. Until now, Amazon's e-readers have been limited mostly to reading duty, very light internet browsing and not a whole lot else. If you needed to say, write something down, sketch out a quick drawing, or take notes of any kind, you would need a full-fledged iPad or a Kindle Fire device. 

Amazon hopes to bridge that gap with its newest permutation of the Kindle, dubbed the Kindle Scribe. The Scribe comes packed with a stylus in an effort to make the Kindle a reader's best friend.

A high-tech notebook

For specs, the Scribe has a 10.2-inch display that boasts 300 pixels-per-inch. According to Amazon, the device's screen automatically adjusts to the light around it for optimal clarity when reading or writing. In addition to the impressive screen, Amazon says the Scribe's battery will last several weeks without charging, much like the rest of Amazon's e-reader lineup. According to a press release, the Scribe will be available with two pens: a Basic one and Premium option. The Premium pen comes with both a dedicated eraser like an old-fashioned pencil and a customizable button on the side.

With a bright screen and long battery life, the Scribe will likely be a tempting choice for people who want something between a notepad and pen and a full-fledged laptop. The Scribe starts at $339 and is up for pre-order beginning today. A specific release date has not been set as of now, but Amazon says it will be in time for the holidays at the end of the year. The least expensive fully supported Apple iPad starts at $329 and offers a bit more functionality than the Scribe, but for those that want battery life measured in months, the Scribe may be hard to beat.