GTA 6 Leak May Have Revealed A Major Change To The Inventory System

Players in the "Grand Theft Auto" universe can, among other things, acquire weapons that are then made accessible to them within their inventory, a game mechanic that is found in many (perhaps most) video games. That inventory system isn't going away with the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto VI" installment, but the leak involving video clips of developer game footage reveals that Rockstar has overhauled the feature. 

The detail was revealed — unofficially, of course — in some of the more than 90 videos published by a user on the GTA Forum. That individual indicates they may have other content taken from Rockstar that's related to "GTA 6" like game assets, as well, teasing that they may release it at some point in the future. Though fans are still digging through the video clips, we've noticed some major details revealed within them, including everything from improved car customization features to the name of a character first detailed in July 2022.

GTA 6 may include an overhauled inventory system

If you've played previous versions of "Grand Theft Auto," you'll be familiar with the inventory interface: it appears as a translucent wheel through which players can quickly view and scroll through the weapons they have available, toggling between them as necessary. The leaked game footage reveals a major change to this, one that effectively scraps the old system and replaces it with a new one that brings multiple categories of items together in the same place.

The inventory appears on both sides of the game UI, which lists both a "Duffel Bag" and a "Loot Bag." It appears players may be able to quickly move through the inventory using the D-pad on their controller — which will bring it in line with how similar systems work in many other games — and that the weapons will be more or less made available in the same place as consumables like medical supplies. The inventory slots (which look like a mockup with placeholder images) show what appears to be a pill bottle and a medical kit as separate items, each taking up a slot. It appears there are three individual categories featured within the inventory element, which players will quickly select using the right thumb stick on their controller — though it's hard to tell for sure at this time.

Of course, changing the inventory system is always a risky move, as players often complain when big adjustments are made to a feature with which they are already familiar. One must reason that Rockstar improved the inventory system, however, and so it will hopefully offer a better experience for players compared to the previous iterations — the hassle of having to retrain your muscle memory aside.