Zune software tips Pink Pure and Turtle phone connection

Some detailed digging through the latest version of Zune software has turned up numerous references to what looks to be phone capability, along with some product codenames, leading to suggestions that the rumored Zune phone and the Project Pink handsets could in fact all be in the same family.  Zune Boards discovered not only the Zune HD but the PmxPure and PmxTurtle lurking in the eEndpointFamily files – the section which details all compatible hardware – references recognizable as the codenames for the two leaked Project Pink devices spotted in September last year.

Meanwhile further entries referred to the ability to "View and manage pictures and videos taken with your phone at the Studio", with users able to sign up as "Studio members".  The suggestion is that this could be Microsoft's new media upload service, enabling content produced on the handset to be shared via a web gallery.

It's not the first cellular tidbit discovered in the Zune software recently; earlier this week references to what could link the PMP's Zune Pass subscription-based music download service with a mobile phone were discovered in version of the firmware.  Microsoft have continued to deny any intentions of producing a Zune phone, however recently collated Twitter messages seemingly tip a surprise consumer-focused announcement at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in a little over a week's time.

[via Engadget]