Zune 2 advert potentially misleading with touchscreen indication?

Colour me confused.  Microsoft have kicked off their all-singing, all-dancing ad campaign for the Zune 2 – under the byline "You Make It You" – and as far as I can tell they're suggesting that you have plans to fill your PMP with kangaroos and jellyfish.  What's more concerning than the odd menagerie is the fact that the advert indicates that the Zune 2 has a touch-sensitive screen.Check out the video for yourself, after the cut...

Perhaps I'm being over-cautious, but the advert – which aired for the first time in the US yesterday, and is part of a multimillion campaign to steal attention away from the iPod – features a woman touching her Zune 2 screen both at the beginning and at the end of the piece in order to interact with its contents.  Now the Zune 2 does have a touch-sensitive control pad, but not a touchscreen.

What do you think – am I being unduly critical or are Microsoft pushing the boundaries in order to summon echoes of the iPod Touch?  Let us know in the comments.