Zune 120GB sold early at Fry’s for $250

Chris Davies - Sep 4, 2008

Someone at Fry’s obviously didn’t get the Zune memo.  A branch of the chain in Atlanta sold someone a new 120GB Microsoft Zune for the rumored $250 sticker price, ahead of the presumed September 9th launch date.

There are no details on the PMP’s functionality as yet, so it’s unclear what changes Microsoft have made aside from the greater capacity.  One suggestion is a different texture to the casing, possibly more glossy than the 80GB Zune.

It’s not the first time retailers have screwed up and accidentally started selling gadgets before they’re officially announced.  However it remains to be seen whether this early start will prompt Microsoft to unveil the PMP sooner.

Anybody in Atlanta planning to go down to Fry’s and see if they can score their own pre-release Zune 120GB?

[via Gizmodo]

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