Zune 120GB & Blue 8GB Up For Preorder; Old Models Discontinued

It's not only Apple with PMP rumors, and there's fresh grist for the Microsoft mill with a 120GB Zune showing up for preorder, a new flash-based Zune in blue, and stock status changes for the existing models.  First up, retailer B&H Photo have put up their preorder page for a 120GB Zune and an 8GB flash-based blue Zune, priced at $249.95 and $149.95 respectively.

Neither of those models have been confirmed by Microsoft, and unfortunately B&H don't have any estimated availability dates.  A quick Google search by the product codes – H3A-00001 for the 120GB Zune and HVA-00030 for the 8GB blue Zune – shows that multiple retailers, including Buy.com, have both models listed.  According to Provantage, the 8GB model has wireless, an FM radio, "new innovative touch controls" and "extended wireless sharing"; BLT are claiming to expect stock at their Tennessee warehouse today.

Meanwhile, a WalMart employee has reported that both the 80GB and 4GB existing Zune models have had a status change in the stock system, and are now showing up as NRPL ("non-replenishable").  That basically means that the store cannot reorder any of the PMPs once its current stock runs out.