ZTE reveals 8 new phones imminent: Android and WP7

ZTE has already shown us three of its LTE-toting smartphones for Mobile World Congress next week; now the company has admitted it has a further five waiting in the wings for the smartphone show too. In addition to the Tegra 3-based ZTE Mimosa X, along with the PF200 and N910, the company has a range of other devices running Android and Windows Phone (ZTE actually says "Windows Mobile" but we're assuming that's a mistake) that it hopes will help propel it into the the top three handset companies by 2015.

Specific details of the five remaining mystery phones are unknown, though ZTE says there'll be things like LTE and multicore processors to differentiate at least some of them. The company also has new cloud-computing services to show off, though it's unclear if that will be a consumer-facing service – such as the Box cloud storage bundled with some recent smartphones – or something more for operators.

If there are more phones like the Mimosa X, we could be very interested in what ZTE has to offer. The smartphone is one of a few handsets to use the Tegra 3 chipset, and the first to deploy NVIDIA's Icera modem as the graphics company pushes back at its Qualcomm and TI rivals.

SlashGear will be at MWC 2012 next week, and we're looking forward to telling you whether ZTE's ambitions look likely to pan out or not.

[via Android Community]