Z-System games platform for Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone tipped

Chris Davies - Oct 28, 2010
Z-System games platform for Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone tipped

It’s been leaked, denied, and now the supposed Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone has found a whole lot more detail, including rumors regarding its gaming platform.  According to Engadget‘s “circumstantial evidence” culled from various tipsters, Sony Ericsson has registered the Z-System.com domain; that Z-System name shows up in the title bar of one of the leaked shots, and has also been trademarked as video game software for mobile phones.

“Software for use in developing, executing, and running or interacting with the same or other software on mobile phones; software for interacting or playing with electronic or video games; computer software development tools not for developing software for servers or computers; computer software for electronic or video game development” Sony Ericsson Z-System USPTO trademark

That description comes from the USPTO trademark; meanwhile there’s a second, Benelux trademark here which says the same thing in Dutch.

The presumption is that Z-System is Sony Ericsson’s software gaming platform, fitting in with initial rumors of a “Sony Marketplace” for games titles that would sit alongside the regular Android Market.  Whether it will end up being called Z-System remains to be seen.

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