YouTube dark mode comes to Android at long last

You would think that being owned by Google means that YouTube would prioritize adding features on Google's platforms. After all, there are already too many app developers coming first to iOS and only to Android later (or never) that Google doesn't need to make matters worse. And yet that was exactly the case with YouTube's dark mode, which is already available everywhere except Android. Well, that changes now, at least for the lucky few that have the feature rolling out to their Android phones.

Now, don't panic if you still don't have see the option. In typical Google fashion, the rollout happens in waves and in certain countries first. If the feature is available, you will be notified about it when you open the YouTube app. But you can always go to the General Settings options to toggle it on or off at will as Redditor Absinth92 indicates.

The lucky user said he simply went to bed and, on waking up, the YouTube app has changed. Whether that happened automatically or he forgot to mention that it needed to be enabled first, we'll never know. Hopefully, it's the latter though, since not everyone might be a fan of having dark mode being forced on them so suddenly.

YouTube's dark mode was launched last year and came to the desktop web browser version first. In March this year, it arrived on mobile, with "mobile" defined as "iOS". It has ironically remained absent on Google's own mobile platform until now though that's practically still the case for majority of users who still aren't seeing the update.