YouTube app for Windows Mobile & S60 released

YouTube have released a free video viewer for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 phones.  The app, which supports searches together with browsing through the Top Rated, Most Viewed and Most Viewed categories, goes some way to making up for the lack of Flash support in many mobile browsers.Video demos on WM6.1 and S60 devices after the cut

Certain Windows Mobile smartphones have already come preloaded with a YouTube app, notable HTC's recent range.  You can see the app in action in the second half of our HTC Touch HD review.

This new, official YouTube app can be downloaded by visiting with your smartphone browser and choosing the install link at the bottom of the page.  Be warned, streaming video uses a fair amount of data, so probably best to have an unlimited data package or WiFi before you start a heavy-duty viewing session.

Nokia S60 demo:

Windows Mobile demo:

[via CoolSmartPhone]