Xbox Series X price leak could blow PS5 out of the water

The Microsoft Xbox Series X price and release date schedule leaked in part, suggesting the Sony PlayStation 5 could be in trouble. Of course we still do not know the pricing of the PlayStation 5 for certain, but if a leaked listing on Amazon France proves accurate, Sony might need to make some adjustments. Today's situation with Microsoft seems to be that they'll position the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as "loss leaders", with prices that rely heavily on future game purchases and subscription fees gathered from gamers that've bought into their ecosystem.

The Eastmen leak today suggested that leaked PlayStation 5 (PS5) pricing will be higher than that of the Xbox Series X. The insider tip revealed today suggests that the Xbox Series X could be priced more aggressively than we've ever seen a new Xbox or PlayStation priced before.

As I noted yesterday, Microsoft would do well to sell out their remaining Xbox Series X hardware stock for $350 a unit – or work with stores to do so. That'd be a move that'd make the most sense between the launch of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

NOTE: The name "Xbox Series S" is not yet confirmed. That's a potential name for the console that's effectively the replacement for the device called Xbox One S. The Xbox One S would likely be as powerful as the Xbox Series X, with no access to physical disks, and some concessions made on top-tier special features.

The Xbox Series X was rumored today to be priced at approximately $400, while the Xbox Series S would cost just $200 USD. There's a distinct possibility that there'll be an Xbox Series X... plus... with higher-level specs than the Series X, much like the Xbox One X was a few streets ahead of the Xbox One, with an equivalent price jump. The Xbox Series X (plus) would cost around $500 USD.

If Sony does, indeed, price their PlayStation 5 (with physical disk capabilities) at around $500, Microsoft would basically dunk in their faces at the launch of their Xbox Series X (plus) in 2021 or 2022 with a price that's basically the same.

In any case, it's basically confirmed that we'll see both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 (and Digital Edition) launch in October and/or November of 2020, just in time for gift-giving holiday season madness. Cross your fingers for as significant a price war as possible – gamers are going to be paying massive amounts of cash for subscriptions to services and such either way!