Xbox Games Showcase date and time revealed: What to expect

The Microsoft Xbox Series X main event – or the latest main event, that is – was revealed today with a final release date and time. This Xbox Games Showcase will show major Microsoft games aplenty – including such monsters as Halo Infinite. You'll find the event streaming from, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and, as ironically as possible, Twitch.

This event will likely show the game Halo Infinite at length. This is the most major title in the Xbox Series X launch lineup direct from Microsoft. It's very possible that we'll see Halo Infinite played on an early Xbox Series X console at the event – but we shall see. Like most recent tech and gaming events, this event will be "virtual" – so there's no real way of knowing whether we'll see actual on-console gameplay or not.

Cross your fingers that we'll see some more info and/or gameplay action from the game Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. That game, from Ninja Theory, might be the most straight-up beautiful game on the console this year.

There's also a real possibility we'll see information on Fable 4. That's a game that's apparently been in development at Playground Games for some time, ready to roll for this console's launch later this year.

The Xbox Games Showcase announced today will take place on July 23, 2020, at 9AM PT. It'll be shown with a "Summer Game Fest Pre-Show" at 8AM PT (that's noon EDT, 5PM BST) with Geoff Keighley on YouTube Gaming, too. You can catch the main event on, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (YouTube Gaming), and Twitch.

NOTE: It makes sense for Microsoft to use Twitch to stream their next major event since Twitch is the biggest video game streaming service in the world. It must sting, though, using the platform when they just shut down their own main competitor, Mixer.