As Mixer ends, Xbox streamers told to go to Twitch

According to Microsoft's FAQ on the matter, Xbox One users that have been using Mixer for live streaming can continue to stream "using the Twitch app." This is in stark contrast with the rest of the releases from Microsoft today on the sunsetting of Mixer and their push for Facebook Gaming. It would appear that Facebook Gaming is not immediately prepared to take on Mixer gamers that have been playing on Xbox One – for that, Microsoft doesn't mention Facebook at all.

"After July 22, 2020," said Microsoft in their Mixer transition FAQ, "we'll turn off the ability to stream to Mixer from your Xbox One. You can continue to stream your gameplay from Xbox One using the Twitch app or by connecting to a PC and streaming via software such as OBS or XSplit."

And that's it! If you were a Mixer Partner playing on a PC, you are an "integral part of the Mixer community" and the Facebook Gaming group "is ready to grant you partner status and to match your existing Mixer partner agreement as closely as possible." This is not a direct move, and it would seem that no contracts with Microsoft for Mixer are being forced to move to Facebook Gaming at this time.

The lack of a Facebook Gaming system connected to Xbox One means Twitch stands to profit the most, right out the gate. There's certainly a significantly larger group of Mixer users playing on their PC than on their Xbox One, but still – it's unexpected to see a seemingly well thought out process catching Xbox One-exclusive Mixer streamers in such an awkward position.

As of this week, Microsoft is no longer processing applications for the Mixer Partnership program. Instead, they're pushing users toward the Facebook Gaming Level Up Creator Program. Users of Mixer that've invested time and/or money into the platform will get some form of compensation as Microsoft shuts down the Mixer community completely.