Xbox Series X and PS5 restock at Target, Best Buy, Walmart this week

The time for the next PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S restock appears to be imminent. The place is Target, and the time is tomorrow. If you're reading this on the 27th of April, 2021, you'll find Target stocking the Xbox Series X and PS5 tomorrow morning, according to inside sources. If you're hoping to find one of these next-gen consoles at Walmart, you'll do well to wait for Thursday, while Best Buy looks to have the consoles on Friday.

Xbox Series X and PS5 restock times

Matt Swider suggests that Best Buy will have PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X consoles available in their online store on Friday morning. That's the 30th of April, 2021. It would SEEM that this source is more sure of the PS5 at Best Buy than the Xbox Series X, since Best Buy has been known to do the occasional "off-schedule small drop."

The Walmart restock for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X seems to be ready for early afternoon. Per Swider, the restock should be clarified at around noon Eastern Time – but the drop will most likely happen at approximately 3PM ET. That's 2PM central time, noon Pacific – at Walmart online.

The Target restock is tipped to take place on the 28th in the morning. Generally a Target drop takes place as early as 6AM Eastern Time. If you see the console appear in stock once, but miss it, you'll likely have another opportunity to grab one around an hour later.

It would appear that this drop at Target is set up for local pickup. This means that you'll get free (or at least reduced price) shipping, but you'll still need to drive to your nearest Target with said local shipping system in place. At this time it does not appear that Microsoft Store restocks are happening in the very near future.

What to avoid

At no point should you go to a Target, Best Buy, or Walmart to wait in line for one of these consoles. They will not be in stock – or if they are, it's because you've called your local store ahead of time and they miraculously have units available.

At no point should you buy a console from someone you do not know on the internet. That goes for Facebook, for Twitter, for any social network, period. The likelihood that you're getting scammed almost completely eclipses the possibility that you might actually be paying for a real piece of hardware.