Xbox One yearning for exclusive content as Microsoft goes to Hollywood

Craig Lloyd - Jun 4, 2013, 1:56pm CDT
Xbox One yearning for exclusive content as Microsoft goes to Hollywood

If Microsoft’s unveil event for the Xbox One last month didn’t give you the clue that the company is focused on non-game entertainment for their new console, then maybe this will make you understand. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly went to Hollywood in order to get studios excited about the Xbox One, with the goal of getting exclusive content on the new console.

Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be more than just a device that can stream Netflix. Instead, it seems the company wants its own exclusive content on the console in the form of movies, TV shows, and such, although specifics aren’t known at this point. It could be something to similar to NFL’s partnership with the Xbox One, only in movie and TV form.

Since we supposedly won’t hear anything about TV at Microsoft’s E3 conference, we’re wondering how the company will announce any exclusive content that it has lined up. E3 must be the place to win back gamers after they essentially butted them out during the initial reveal event, so Microsoft has to show that they’ll keep their core values with the Xbox.


Deadline Hollywood reports that Microsoft talked with CBS and WME about the Xbox One and exclusive content, but no details have surfaced from those meetings at this point. It’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t just want to offer apps that stream content that anyone can get. Microsoft wants content that only Xbox One users can watch.

However, Microsoft said that they’re spending a cool $1 billion on exclusive game titles for the Xbox One, which should make most gamers happy, but will Microsoft do enough to just get by in order to focus more on non-gaming content? Or will they split their time evenly between the two?

SOURCE: Deadline Hollywood

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