Xbox One E3 event won't focus on TV

Microsoft talked about the television capabilities of the Xbox One during the console's unveiling last week, and there weren't that many games shown off, putting fear into many Xbox loyalists that Microsoft was focusing more television and home entertainment rather than the console's main purpose. However, when the company discusses the Xbox One at E3, TV talk will be off the table.

Microsoft's Xbox Live boss Larry Hyrb confirmed the news on Twitter, saying that the company's press event at E3 "will have TV's (or similar) on stage to show the games," but "that should be the extent of TV talk in your #E3." Hyrb confirms two things mostly: that there won't be much TV talk, and games will be a big focus from the looks of it.

GTTV host Geoff Keighley also says that the E3 press events by both Microsoft and Sony will be filled with "lost of games and surprises." He continues by saying that both press conferences by the two companies "will be the strongest in years." This certainly makes sense, as this is the first E3 in years where Microsoft and Sony are showing off new gaming consoles.

During Microsoft's reveal event for the Xbox One, the company talked a lot about new features that had nothing to do with gaming, such as watching TV and sports, thanks to that fancy NFL partnership. They also talked a lot about the Kinect and the different features that it has, most of which don't even deal with gaming from what Microsoft showed off last week.

E3 starts next month, but seeing as it's the last day in May, the gaming expo is just ten short days away. Apple's WWDC is taking place the same week, with their keynote occurring during the same time as Microsoft's press conference. Whether or not Apple is testing the loyalty of mobile game developers remains to be seen, but we can't say that the overlapping events is a coincidence.

VIA: Kotaku