Xbox One exclusives getting $1 billion investment from Microsoft

One thing's for sure with the Xbox One: Microsoft is spending a lot of money on it. We previously heard that the deal with AMD for the Xbox One's processor was said to be upwards of $3 billion. Now, it's reported that Microsoft is spending $1 billion to finance in-house games, and also to secure exclusive titles for the new console.

In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft's Don Mattrick and Phil Spencer discuss the investment that Microsoft is putting in to get exclusive games for the Xbox One. The company is planning 15 exclusive games for the Xbox One's first year at retail, including eight new intellectual properties.

And if anyone's surprised by these figures, Mattrick believes that "people are way, way under-indexing how hard we're punching." With E3 coming up next month, Microsoft says that its presentation will focus mostly on games, but they didn't disclose any further details as far how many our developed in-house, and how many are developed by other studios.

Mattrick says that Microsoft is going all-in with its new console, saying that "there are great hits, there's innovation, and there are world class creators plugged in. He continues by noting that he keeps "track of it all...and we kind of look back at all the different years and at what we shipped, how many units have sold. There's a lot of hyperbole about things, but I think we're going to deliver."

Microsoft already showed off a handful new games coming to the Xbox One during the revealing last week, including a new Call of Duty title, Forza Motorsports 5, Quantum Break, and a slew of EA Sports titles like FIFA 14, UFC, and Madden NFL. If this is only the tip of the iceberg, we should be seeing a ton of games get released for the new console in no time.


SOURCE: Official Xbox Magazine