Xbox One: Three software platforms in One

Microsoft's new Xbox One will include three operating systems in one, enabling instant switching between TV and gaming content. The console uses not only "the best of" Xbox OS, Microsoft says, but the kernel of Windows, along with a third bridging platform which connects the two.

It's the combination of two platforms that Microsoft says makes Xbox One most successful. The on-stage demo certainly looked impressive, with the speech- and gesture-controlled console instantly switching between gameplay and multimedia content.

To recognize that there'll be a new Kinect sensor bar, which Microsoft will be including in the box with every Xbox One. That has a broader field of view, too, with 1080p Full HD resolution, and can track and identify the users' voice from across the room.

The Xbox OS will be responsible for games, just as you might expect. However, the Windows core will be used for other apps, such as Skype, and Microsoft will be able to more frequently update it while keeping the Xbox OS stable for game developers to rely upon.

Meanwhile, the new Xbox One platform will be tied closely into Xbox LIVE, which Microsoft says will consist of more than 300,000 servers. That will include a Game DVR feature – complete with editing tools – to upload and share videos of your best achievements in the cloud.