Xbox One Screenshot feature coming soon

This week the folks responsible for upgrading the Xbox One's features have let it be known that there will soon be a real-deal screenshot ability. Where "Xbox, Capture That" already allows you to capture video from the device, soon you'll be finding the ability to capture the display as a single, still shot as well.

This ability is already active – and has been active since day 1 – on the PlayStation 4. It was a bit strange to find that the Xbox One did not allow such an ability back when it was released, the same being true of the Xbox One's unwillingness to capture any screen outside of a select number of games. The former feature will be enabled – there's no word on the latter.

Word of an update to screenshot readiness comes from Microsoft's Phil Spencer. This fellow is the head of Microsoft's Xbox division and Microsoft Studios as well. You'll find the biggest news about Spencer in recent months to be about his appointment to this role, complete with a marriage of Xbox and Xbox Live under one management roof.

It should also be obvious at this point that a button combination for both video and screenshot capture will be added to the Xbox One in the near future. Without the Kinect with every bundle, voice commands will have to be un-bundled from the user interface and given additional button-press options.

VIA: @XboxP3