Xbox One availability gets Microsoft-based boost

Chris Burns - Dec 2, 2013
Xbox One availability gets Microsoft-based boost

As it has been with essentially every major console release over the past several decades, Microsoft appeared (at first) to be having trouble keeping stock in stores with the Xbox One. What we’re seeing now, less than a month after the machine was first put out on the market, is another seemingly sudden gush of availability, right on schedule here on what’s called “Cyber Monday”. And this isn’t the first time this has happened for this machine.

Back on the 25th of November it became apparent that there were quite a few consoles still sitting on shelves at locations like Toys’R’Us in New York City and Best Buy in West Hollywood. It was made clear at the start of Black Friday that many stores had kept a rush of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles stacked up in their storerooms to continue the flow with more than one crowd of potential users.

Here at the start of December you’ll be able to find the Xbox One at Microsoft’s online store and in some rare Microsoft Store physical locations as well. One thing you’ll not be able to do is call in to your local Microsoft Store for assistance on this matter, mind you, as you’ll receive the following message:

The above message was attained via the phone at the Mall of America Microsoft Store location, located handily directly across the aisle from the Apple Store.

Meanwhile the Microsoft online store appears to be bringing the Xbox One in three iterations. While the standard version is (of course) sold out as of earlier today, there are two versions up with what may very well be some long-lasting stock. There’s an Xbox One Day One Ultimate Bundle – that’s including the special Day One console, Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership, Microsoft Complete for Xbox One, Xbox One Wireless Controller, and three Xbox One games of the user’s choice. There’s also an Xbox One Day One Complete Bundle which brings on the Xbox One Day One console, Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership, Microsoft Complete for Xbox One, and two games of the user’s choice – so that’s one fewer controller and one fewer game.

Of course these bundles cost quite a bit more than the standard stand-alone console, the console itself costing $499.99 USD, these bundles (with a bit of a Cyber Monday kick in the pricing) sitting at $699.95 and $799.99.

The Sony-made PlayStation 4 is not looking quite so available at this point in time, appearing at several 3rd-party stores indeed, but nowhere near their original price point at $399.99 USD. Should you find one yourself, it might be wise to consider your options. And don’t expect storekeepers to be too keen on answering questions over the phone!

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