Xbox One availability may be better than Microsoft is letting on

If you didn't pre-order an Xbox One game console and have your heart set on owning one, there is still a chance for you. While Microsoft has bragged that the console is sold out at most retailers, indication are that the console is still easy to access in New York City. If the console is available readily in one of the largest cities in the world there is hope for gamers elsewhere.

Reports have surfaced indicating that the Xbox One is more readily available than Microsoft is letting on. Reports indicate that the Toys "R" Us store in Times Square has "easily a few hundred" units left on store shelves. A Best Buy store in Manhattan says that it has "a lot" of Xbox one units left.

One Best Buy store in Manhattan has rows of the limited edition day one Xbox consoles left for purchase. Images have also surfaced of massive rows of Xbox one consoles sitting on store shelves in LA. At the same time, these locations have no PS4 consoles left for sale.

However, some store workers at the locations with Xbox One consoles in stock are reporting that they didn't receive as many PS4 units as they did Xbox One consoles. Pre-orders for the Xbox One did sell out at several locations, including Amazon. Perhaps availability is a sign that Microsoft simply made more consoles than Sony did for the PS4. Microsoft has annoucned that it sold a million Xbox One consoles in 24 hours.

SOURCE: Escapist Magazine