Xbox Dashboard To Launch November 15 Tips PayPal Leak

Microsoft's Xbox Dashboard upgrade has been tipped to roll out on November 15, with a leaked internal PayPal email supposedly confirming the third-gen interface's full launch. Although Microsoft expects to begin a trial of the updated Dashboard in October, the email shared with Kotaku suggests users not part of that beta won't have long to wait until they too can have it.

According to the message, PayPal employees are being roped in to test the Xbox Dashboard, given that the company is one of Microsoft's payment option partners with the service. That was added back in May, allowing those registered with PayPal to purchase Microsoft Points, Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions, and Game On Demand titles.

As for the new Dashboard, that will take a leaf out of Windows Phone with a Metro UI style interface consisting of dynamically updated tiles. It will also add in gesture and voice navigation support, using the Microsoft Kinect sensor to allow gamers to move through the interface via movements and spoken commands. More information on the changes here.

[via Neowin]