Xbox boss teases August Xbox Series X event, and it could be big

Throughout 2020, Microsoft has been hosting various digital events centered around the Xbox Series X. In May, for instance, we saw a showcase of third-party games coming to the new console, while an event last week showed us a number of games that Xbox Game Studios developers are working on. Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has seemingly confirmed that an August event is happening, and it could be a big one.

Phil Spencer mentioned the August Xbox Series X event in a new interview with iJustine on her podcast Same Brain. The interview covers a range of topics, from Microsoft's first-party games showcase and Halo to Game Pass and accessibility, but as the conversation moved to backwards compatibility, Spencer mentioned that the next info drop be happening in August.

"I'm encouraged to be able to talk more about it – should be August. I think August we'll have more to say on that," Spencer said. Obviously, he could just be setting the stage for Microsoft to reveal more information about Xbox Series X backwards compatibility, but it's important to keep in mind that Microsoft said these Xbox 20/20 events would be happening monthly until the console launches this holiday season.

So, assuming Spencer just confirmed an event for August, it could be a big one indeed. Rumors have previously stated that we'd see Microsoft reveal a second console – codenamed Lockhart but possibly known as the Xbox Series S – at an event in August. The original plan, these rumors explained, was to reveal the second console at an event in June, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed those plans.

Up until the Xbox Series X was officially revealed, rumors claimed that Microsoft was working on multiple next-generation consoles, which were codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart. Anaconda turned out to be the Xbox Series X, and while mentions of Lockhart slowly faded after the Xbox Series X reveal, we've heard the name come up a few times in the past several months. We'll see what happens from here, but now that the stage is set for some kind of August reveal, you can bet that we'll be watching Microsoft for more.