Xbox Series S reveal event details leak

If you've been following next-generation rumors for a while, then you'll know that Microsoft's Xbox Series X reveal was missing something: a second console. Since the early days of Project Scarlett rumors and leaks, we've heard that the next generation will comprise multiple consoles for Microsoft, but when it came time to reveal its next-gen hardware, Microsoft only announced the Xbox Series X.

That didn't stop rumors from claiming that Microsoft was still plotting a second console behind the scenes. Last week, new references to this second console – codenamed Lockhart – were discovered in the Xbox Game Development Kit, with The Verge reporting that the console will be called Xbox Series S.

Fast forward to today and we've got a new report regarding Xbox Series S to sink our teeth into. According to a new write up from Eurogamer, Microsoft is planning to announce Xbox Series S in August. The original plan was to reveal the Xbox Series S this month, but as with most things, the COVID-19 pandemic complicated those plans.

If that's true, then Microsoft has a big summer lined up for the Xbox Series X after a couple relatively quiet months. Next month, Microsoft's Xbox 20/20 presentation will focus on the first-party games that are in development for Xbox Series X, with Halo Infinite confirmed to be part of the show. With 15 different studios under the Xbox Game Studios banner, we should see quite a few different games next month.

To follow that up with an Xbox Series S reveal would be a pretty big deal, but as always, take what you read here with a grain of salt – after all, Microsoft hasn't made any official references to Lockhart or Xbox Series S yet. We'll see what happens from here, so stay tuned for more.