Xbox 720 to go for Smart TV and Gaming separately

Over the past month there's been a gushing of juicy rumors coming forth from the fountain head on the Xbox 720, most of them molding together to create one perfect machine set to dominate the gamine world come 2013. But the most interesting point is the newest: that there will be not one, but two new Xbox units coming down the chute. The first one will be no less than a fully functional monster of gaming, everything we'd ever hoped for in a Microsoft-made green beast of console-based power.

The second unit will be a bit more unique – unique to people that've not yet experienced the current Xbox TV world, that is. This little unit will cost significantly less than the larger Xbox made for gaming, this little unit made instead to sit on top of your television and work with you via Kinect. This unit will be using Kinect controls, just like you can now with Xbox TV's Kinect-based set of gestures, and will feature all the great abilities Xbox 360 has right now working with your television to bring all the Smart TV functionality you could possibly want.

This has been described in part, or at least in wishes in an article written up this past week by Don Reisinger. This fellow has compared Microsoft's Xbox to the Apple TV more than once, and filets them a new one divining the existence of this futuristic Xbox TV set-top box as he does so. Would you purchase an Xbox 720 unit if it were small enough for the average person to afford but impressive enough to use as your one and only smart TV unit?