Xbox 720 plans legal takedown expanded

For those of you that saw the 56-page document showing the plans for the Xbox 720 this past week, you'll be glad that you downloaded it: sites across the web, not just sites like Scribd that'd originally had the document up in the cloud. The takedown order has been pushed by none other than Legal firm called Covington & Burling LLP, the same Microsoft-representing firm that ordered the takedown on other sites earlier this week. Today this order has been expanded to sites such as IHNED as well as Dropbox – the latter having the file hosted on one of its soon-to-be-phased-out public folders anyway.

The document in question showed that the Xbox 720 was, indeed, a real device, and that it would be released in time for the 2013 holiday season. This device would work with Kinect, of course, would have something like 4 to 6 times the power that the current generation Xbox 360 has, and would cost right down around $299.00 USD at launch. This device would certainly be a punch right in the mouth for Nintendo and Sony if released right this minute.

A crack in the teeth, it would be, if it also had everything else promised in the leaked document, including Blu-ray, augmented reality glasses, Kinect 2, and of course SmartGlass. The takedown order on this document generally means that either it's completely real and will portend the actual device, or that Microsoft simply doesn't want to project false hopes for a device that will be significantly different by the time it's out.

The takedown order appears to be being sent out in the following format by Microsoft's representation:

Microsoft has received information that the domain listed above, which appears to be on servers under your control, is offering unlicensed copies of, or is engaged in other unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works published by Microsoft.

1. Identification of copyrighted works:

Copyrighted work(s):
IEB Roadmap

Copyright owner: 
Microsoft Corporation

2. Copyright infringing material or activity found at the following location(s):


So make sure to hide your files, hide your servers, because the law is coming to stomp down everybody (legally) up in here. Check the timeline below for all the Xbox 720 rumors, tips, and leaks you can handle, too!