Xbox 720 announcement reportedly set for May 21

The next-generation Xbox has been a hot topic lately, and gamers are curious to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve after Sony announced the PlayStation 4 back in February. While it was rumored that Xbox would be announcing the Xbox 720 (or whatever the company plans on calling it) sometime this month, it looks like that date has been pushed back to next month.

Following a comment made by Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, who recently said that Microsoft would reveal its new console during their own event on May 21, The Verge says they have confirmed with sources that the date is indeed accurate. Microsoft was originally rumored to be unveiling the new console on April 24, but that has since been pushed back a month.

It's said that the event will take place at a small venue, and it will be when Microsoft features the first details of the Xbox 720, with a public debut expected sometime later this year in time for the holiday season. The small venue rumor suggests that Microsoft may only reveal some of the details behind the new console.

However, sources also say that Microsoft will do a full unveiling of the Xbox 720 in June during E3 2013, which lines up with Microsoft's countdown tease that they posted up back in January. The countdown suggests that the company will unveil the console during E3, but it seems Microsoft will tease the console just a bit during their own event earlier on.

[via The Verge]