Xbox 720 unveil rumored for April after PS4 surprise

It looks like this week's unveiling of the PlayStation 4 caught one company by surprise and are deciding to unveil their new console earlier than expected. According to a handful of developers and industry professionals, including a Sony official, it's said that the Redmond-based company was caught "off-guard" by the PS4 announcement and is currently scrambling to get the Xbox 720 revealed earlier than expected.

We expected Microsoft to unveil the Xbox 720 during E3 in June, but now it's said that the company will announce its next-generation gaming console at its own media event sometime in early April, where they'll have the chance to take as much time as they want to show off the new console without any attention being taken away by other E3 events.

In fact, Ustechs, which is a partner of Microsoft's and has worked with the company on previous media events such as their press conference at E3 last year, has registered the domain name, which could be used to promote Microsoft's rumored April event, and act as a central hub for the event.

Of course, this is all speculation, but Sony believes that they have ruffled some feathers over in Redmond, Washington. While the console wars have always been around, it looks like 2013 will be host to one of the biggest console wars we may ever see. The PlayStation 4 will be available to the public in time for the holiday season this year, and we can expect the same from Microsoft.

[via CVG]