Xbox 720 strongly suggested in E3 countdown post

It's not even CES 2013 yet and Microsoft is already counting the days until E3 2013 in June. Granted, the company backed out of CES indefinitely, but we're still taking one thing at a time at this point. Xbox Live head Larry Hyrb (a.k.a. Major Nelson) posted up a countdown to E3 2013 on his blog along with the phrase, "And it's on..."

This could really only mean one thing: Microsoft may be unveiling the next Xbox at E3 2013. Obviously, we're not 100% sure, but given how Nintendo is leading the way with next-generation consoles with the release of the Wii U, we can assume that other companies will follow suit. W've already been hearing rumors about new gaming consoles, and with the Xbox 360 approaching 90 years old in gaming years, we're bound to see a new console this year.

In any case, it looks like Microsoft is ramping up for a major launch of some kind, and we doubt that these signs have any other explanation other than a next-generation console. We've heard that the next Xbox will arrive just in time for Christmas next year, so an E3 announcement earlier in the year definitely wouldn't be crazy.

The window between the announcement and the public release would certainly give time for uber gaming fans to work their butts off over the summer in order to save up the cash for a fancy new Xbox console, one that may be designed to be a lot more than just a gaming console, but an all-out entertainment machine like today's Xbox.