Xbox 360 Media Remote and Bluetooth Wireless Headset Announced

It's time for some more Xbox bits and pieces! Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson, aka Larry Hyrb has a personal message for you in the video below, showing off the headset side of this equation, letting you know that the "Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth" will be available November 2011, just in time for the holidays, and it'll be US ERP (estimated retail price) at $59.99. This device, says Hyrb, will go on to replace the current Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, but whether or not that means the original headset will cease to work / degrade / explode into flames in November is still yet to be seen.

Inside the headset box you'll get several different ear adapters, a microUSB cord for charging, and there are two modes on the actual mode – Bluetooth Mode and Xbox 360 Mode, each of these shown with a lovely green or blue light on the headset depending upon which one is active. This device gets over 300 hours of standby time says Hyrb, and it'll be available around the world in November, not just in the USA, Japan, or the UK, as is sometimes the case.

Then there's the rather fashionable Xbox Media Remote, another cool piece of technology to add to your stack of remote controls (unless you're one of those futuristic folks who only has one universal remote, or a hardcore gamer who uses only console controllers for such things as changing channels.) This remote will allow you to control your Xbox 360 Dashboard, DVDs, CDs, and other media apps such as Sky Player, Zune, and of course Neftlix.

The Media Remote will run on 2 AAA batteries and includes your favorite A, B, X, and Y buttons amongst the usual volume, numbers, directional pad, back, select and so fourth. You'll also be able to control Hulu Plus, ESPN, and live TV (if provided on your console b your TV service provider, of course.) The remote also comes out in November, also worldwide, and will be running you $19.99 USD.

Do these pieces of hardware solidify the idea that Microsoft Beats Apple in the Living Room to you?

You tell me!