X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer 3 spills all the beans

If you're not all about being spoiled about the next X-Men movie, go no further. If you were thinking that our last feature on X-Men: Days of Future Past was too much of a spoiler because it showed off in-set walkthroughs, you should probably turn back now. Today's feature is "trailer 3", and it tells basically everything you'll have wondered about up until now.

This trailer reveals Wolverine's first meeting with Charles Xavier. It'll give you your first glimpse of Quicksilver in all his American Horror Story glory. You'll see several quick-punches direct to the face.

Here in this trailer you'll get the idea that the future is bleak, and that sending Wolverine back in time wasn't just a wish to make the world a better place, but a necessity to save the human race. Those Sentinels created by Mr. Trask – Peter Dinklage – they're coming to kill us all.

Above you'll have a peek at another moment in viral spotting done by the folks responsible for pumping up the film. Here you'll find a reveal of 25moments dot com, a brand new set of spoilers just waiting for you to dive into.