On-set with X-MEN: Days of Future Past (video spoilers included)

There's no lack of footage to be had this week of the upcoming X-MEN movie, that's for certain. In the videos you're about to witness, the team responsible for promoting the film have decided to let several key details loose in hopes that it'll bring in audiences in a style more akin to that of a Shakespearean play. If you know the plot, and you know the ending, will you still see the film?

The first film you're going to see is a tour of Cerebro. This is on-set with Bryan Singer in the past. This "familiar" section of the set shows off what it looked like 14 years ago, representing just one of several points in the history shown in the film.

Next is a segment called "Bryan's Passion." This bit of video comes from the director's point of view again – but this time you're hearing from the actors on how Singer took the comic book movie and reinvented the entire genre.

Another set-tour with Singer shows off Xavier's Mansion. This is the school for Gifted children, of course, and will be represented in more than one time period again.

The next video has the biggest spoiler of the whole bunch. Here you're going to find out how Wolverine is going to be sent back in time – something that should be obvious from every trailer shown so far. Here you'll find out HOW, if you want to be specific, not just if and when.

Below you'll find "Bryan's all-star team", showing why each of the top-notch members of the cast are in place. Redesigning everything for the future and continuing to work with people that are able to bring back the feeling of the original films. This is "the biggest X-Men movie", as they'll make plain.

Last you'll find a set your from Singer of the Monastery. This is a set that you'll not have seen at length in previously released trailers, and also one that contains some real spoilers. Beware, and enjoy.

Each of these movies were released in collaboration with Pringles – you'd have had to pick up a stack of chips to get the codes to see these movies otherwise. They full list was discovered by Comic Book Movie, sourced below as well.

VIA: Comic Book Movie