Wyze Band revealed: $25 of smart band control

The Wyze Band was revealed today as a $25 smart wearable for your wrist, with a color touchscreen and a wide variety of abilities. This band has the ability to control Wyze devices, connect to a smartphone and deliver notification, is an activity tracker, has heart rate tracking, and works with Amazon's Alexa. This device is available on pre-order right this minute.

The Wyze Band has 5ATM water resistance – that's not waterproof, but it's not nothing. The 5ATM rating means you'll have water resistance in up to 50 meters of water for 10 minutes. Don't go surfing with this watch, but don't worry about a light rainfall.

This device is like a blast from the past with connections to the present. It looks simple, but it does a whole lot. It's "affordable", but has the features it'll need to capture the interest of Wyze device users aplenty. This device's primary functionality for the average user could be for activity/fitness tracking, but Wyze seems to be focusing mostly on its ability to connect to other Wyze devices.

This Wyze Band (previewed in a single video earlier this year) can tell your Wyze Cams that you've arrived home and can stop sending notifications. This device can tell your space header to turn on via a Wyze controller outlet. This device can turn your Wyze-connected lights on all around your smart home.

This smart band has a full color (AMOLED) display with full touch sensitivity. The display is approximately "the size of your thumb" and the device runs software that's unique to Wyze. There's a small battery, but the size of the device and the optimizations that've been done with the battery mean you'll have (what Wyze says will be) between 10 and 14 days of up-time on a single charge.

This device has two microphones for use with Alexa – once you're connected with your phone, of course. This device connects with Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE), and is able to connect with the same devices that can use the Wyze app – Android and iOS (for your iPhone). This device is on pre-order now over at Wyze dot com.