World by Light concept: the iPad has a lot to learn [Video]

We'll admit, when we first started watching this World by Light concept video by Matthias Menzel, Lena Edman and Klaus Wasiak of the Umea Institute of Design we thought it was going to detail a prototype e-magazine or tablet UI.  That assumption rapidly fell away as the video progresses: the three-person team doesn't just have the iPad UX in their sights, but airports and even the basics of travel as we know them now.Video demo after the cut

If you've ever wanted to be strapped into a seed-pod style booth – with airline first-class booth seating, naturally – and then fired into the air, then World by Light should satisfy.  The idea is that rather than sending you point-to-point horizontally, it makes far more sense to fire you into the early stages of space and then let you tumble directly into a collector on the roof of your hotel.

That way you're looking at a cross-world trip taking twenty minutes, all the time feeling like you're sat inside a Philips LivingColor lamp.  Of course, the most improbable part of the whole concept isn't the space travel, or the integrated tablet/brochures, but the ease of check-in at the airport.

[via Recombu]