Wistron Firstbook Snapdragon-based 3G netbook

Lurking in the second half of the ARM Snapdragon video we wrote about this morning is the Wistron Firstbook, a Linux-based netbook designed around the same chipset that powers the Toshiba TG01.  Resembling a Sony VAIO P, the Firstbook has integrated 3G WWAN connectivity and a widescreen display.Video demo after the cut

Full specifications of the Wistron Firstbook are unknown.  It's believed to have an 11.1-inch display in addition to integrated mobile broadband, and we'd assume WiFi and Bluetooth are in there too. 

It's unclear whether the Wistron Snapdragon netbook is a product headed toward production or merely a demonstration platform for ARM.  Based on the fact it shared booth-space with the TG01 – which is launching over the summer – we'd like to think it's simply waiting for the right manufacturer to brand it.