Windows Phone sales double in 8 months at T-Mobile

This week amongst the many news bits relating to Windows Phone 8, there's one factoid being presented by T-Mobile on the devices that are already out on the market – they're doing great! Though over the entirety of the planet earth, Windows Phone still doesn't make up enough of a percentage of the mobile devices to constitute its own category, T-Mobile in the USA is letting us know that over the past 8 months, the amount of Windows Phone devices they've sold has doubled.

This doubling in sales is due in no small part to the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 710 and the HTC Radar 4G. Both of these devices run Windows Phone 7 (of one type or another) and the Lumia device has been one of the top five selling devices at T-Mobile since its introduction earlier this year. This same device has had, as T-Mobile puts it, "some of the highest handset satisfaction scores among all of our customers."

T-Mobile has referred back to the IDC report released earlier this month which had Windows Phone surpassing the iPhone and iOS by the year 2016 and says "We're bullish on the future of Windows Phone." With all of the news released today on Windows Phone 8, we're having no trouble seeing why. Have a peek at our Windows Phone 8 news in the timeline below and get all caught up on the future of this platform!

[via T-Mobile]