Windows Phone Mango roll-out 100% says Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that all "eligible" Windows Phones are now having the Mango update pushed out to them, bringing each up to speed with the new version of the platform preloaded onto handsets like the freshly unveiled Nokia Lumia 800. According to Microsoft's useful "Where's my update?" site, both US and international carriers across the board are now pushing out Windows Phone 7.5, albeit with one or two lingering exceptions.

Those exceptions are the Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung Focus and Dell Venue Pro, which still seem to be causing some carriers headaches. In the US, AT&T is still slicing and dicing Mango for the Focus, with the update currently in testing, while the Venue Pro update is still listed as in the "planning" stage.

Internationally, meanwhile, Telefonica in Spain and T-Mobile in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Netherlands and the UK are apparently still working on the Omnia 7 update. Telefonica's is in testing currently, while T-Mobile's is being scheduled for delivery.

Microsoft's update is also going out to SIM-free devices, so those without a carrier-branded Windows Phone aren't left out either. Whether manufacturers are still quite so keen on the platform since Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said – apparently sanctioned by Microsoft – that his Lumia 800 was the "first real Windows Phone" remains to be seen.

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[Thanks Tony!]