Windows Phone 8.1 swipe keyboard featured in leaked video

Microsoft hasn't gone official with Windows Phone 8.1 yet, but we have already heard about some of the features that the OS update will bring via rumors. Among the interesting features Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to get are a Siri-like voice control and a new notification center. We have also seen the SDK get the hands on treatment this month.

Another of the rumors that have been swirling for Windows Phone 8.1 is a new swipe keyboard. It appears that rumor is true with a video turning up online that shows the Windows Phone 8.1 swipe keyboard in use.

The Swipe keyboard works just as you would expect it to allowing the user to slide a finger across the screen to type, just as you would with other swipe keyboards on the market. The video also tips some other interesting features fans of Windows Phone will like.

The video shows predictive emoticon use when the user types the word "happy." The update also appears to bring the ability for the first letter of a sentence to be capitalized automatically.

SOURCE: Unleash the Phones