Windows Mobile 7 looks set for MWC 2010; Dev training in March

Last week DigiTimes, this week CNET; the likelihood of Microsoft making at least some demonstration of Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress 2010 looks ever more probable.  The latest sources reckon Microsoft will be previewing the latest build of the smartphone OS next month, with plans in place to finalize the platform's code by the summer.  Meanwhile, they're also saying that Microsoft's consumer phone range – tipped to be the fruits of the Pink project – is well underway, and should beat WM7 devices to market.

Separate from the oft-speculated Zune phone, Microsoft's consumer handset(s) would represent the next stage of Sidekick-style devices, and stem from the company's acquisition of Danger.  Windows Mobile 7 handsets are expected to go on sale before the end of 2010, which probably puts whatever "Pink" phones Microsoft have in mind in the fourth-quarter.

While Microsoft have declined to comment on either WM7 or a consumer device range at MWC 2010, they have conceded that they'll be running programming seminars at MIX 10 in March.  These will help developers get up to speed with the next major iteration of Windows Mobile, which promises to mark a reasonably significant break with earlier releases.