Windows Mobile 7 arriving Q4 2010, HTC Obsession work-in-progress?

Confusing rumors regarding Microsoft's Windows Mobile plans for MWC 2010 probably aren't going to become clear until the February show itself, but according to DigiTimes the Seattle firm expect both Windows Mobile 6.6 and Windows Mobile 7 to take the stage.  They're quoting the usual unnamed sources, who reckon Microsoft will deliver WM7 to handset manufacturers in September 2010, with initial devices expected in Q4 2010 or early Q1 2011.

That's earlier than some previous estimates had suggested, but the sources have an explanation for that, too.  Microsoft's initial WM7 release will only cover English or "common European" languages, with the Asian build not expected until 2011; that staggered launch has, they reckon, led to incorrect assumptions that Microsoft's overall roadmap is delayed.

Two early Windows Mobile 7 devices currently in development are apparently the HTC Obsession and LG Apollo, though of course the companies themselves aren't confirming anything.  Samsung, Toshiba, ASUS and Acer are also expected to launch WM7 devices.  Meanwhile Microsoft are also rumored to be considering launching their own Pink project phone at MWC 2010, produced by their in-house Danger team.