Windows and Intel tablets to take spotlight at Computex with Android tablets in shadows

With the track record of anti-competitive practices of both Intel and Microsoft along with the long running allegations that the two firms use persuasion and massive discounts to block competitor's products from the market, there are many would will not be surprised at allegations coming out ahead of Computex. We have talked already about the MSI tablet and the Asus Eee pad that are set to debut at Computex before.

DigiTimes reports that while both MSI and Asus have completed development on tablets using ARM processors and the Android OS, those tablets will not be the focus at Computex. Rather the focus will be placed on tablets running Intel hardware and Microsoft software.

DigiTimes' sources allege that the reason for the big focus on Wintel hardware is due to "persuasion" from both Intel and Microsoft. Despite the alleged persuasion tactics, ARM based machines running the Android OS will be shown off at the show, they simply won't be at the forefront. These ARM/Android tablets are expected to hit market by Q3.