Windows 9 reveal and release details tipped to drop September 30th

Chris Burns - Aug 21, 2014, 10:08am CDT
Windows 9 reveal and release details tipped to drop September 30th

In a little over a month from the time this article is posted, Microsoft will be holding an event to preview Windows 9. While we’ve heard a bit about this software – code-named “Threshold” – before, this event will be designed to let loose the full bucket of beans.

This event will bring on a preview version of the software to the public for you to tap and click. You’ll have to sign up to connect, of course, but we’ll be able to take a peek at Windows 9 in an early release iteration by October or earlier.

The date for this event was shared by sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, tipped to The Verge, bouncing off plans rumored earlier this month. It’s within these rumors we find word that Windows 9 won’t be released in full until early 2015. But you should – by all means – be able to mess around with it for several weeks (if not months) beforehand.

This version of Windows is said to be testing Cortana integration for laptops, desktops, and tablets. It’s also suggested that this version of Windows will revamp the Start Menu and remove the Charms Bar entirely.

The new Mini Start Menu was a subject of some fervor this early July when it was first rumored to be in development. Watch for a full reboot sooner than later.

NOTE: For those of you wishing to try an OS that’s entirely different, have a peek at Elementary OS. It’s certainly not Windows 8, that’s for sure.

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