Windows 8 Release set with Google Drive

It appears that along with the Windows 8 Release set for early June we'll likely also be seeing Google Drive sitting on the desktop in app from right out of the box. With Google Drive having its full release party today several weeks before any Microsoft official release of their up and coming operating system, it's very possible that both companies are allowing this cloud storage initiative bake for a while before deciding if it's worth integrating with the release of the new Windows software. Information on the possibility of integration comes to us in the anonymous tipster from a source close to the matter.

This expansion is likely Google's way of keeping nice with Microsoft if it does in fact turn out to be true – Microsoft and Google have been at odds in several sectors for many years now, especially since Microsoft's launch of Bing for both search and maps. This could also mean an expansion of Google Docs in the very near future for integration with WIndows Phone. At the moment official word is that apps will only be live for Android and iOS for the cloud system.

Windows 8 on the other hand has all but been confirmed for a Windows 8 Release Preview in the first week of June where we can expect demo versions to be tested and released. Currently you're also able to get a "Consumer Preview" version of Windows 8 if you don't mind messing around with a few bugs here or there. This system also works with touch-screen systems and there's an app for iPad that allows you to test it on that very unlikely piece of hardware as well, thanks to SplashTop in the iTunes store.

Are you pumped up about Windows 8 yet? Do you plan on adopting it right out the gate?