Windows updates on pause before big event

Microsoft revealed today that they are pausing all updates to Windows for the next several weeks. This pause isn't the sort of announcement Microsoft makes often. It is here, on the lead-up to the next major Microsoft event, that Microsoft makes clear that this update will be so major, they can't possibly risk revealing what's inside by pushing updates with code that could spill all the beans.

As posted by Microsoft for Windows Insiders, the most recent Cumulative Update Build for Windows 10 "does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline." This is another not-so-common occurrence in Windows updates. But these aren't common times, and this isn't the sort of situation we're normally in.

Per Microsoft's Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc, "we need to test the process of releasing multiple Cumulative Updates on top of each other on top of the same build," and as a result, their focus "will be on releasing multiple Cumulative Updates on top of Build 21390."

The release you might've seen start rolling out on June 7 literally includes nothing "new", and is designed specifically for Microsoft to test their servicing pipeline. The standard release schedule for Windows 10 21H2 Dev builds is paused. There's a pretty obvious point of importance here in June of 2021.

The big event this appears to lead directly up to is on June 24, 2021. At that event, Microsoft plans on releasing the "most significant updates to Windows of the past decade." Cross your fingers and hope that this means we're getting a version of Windows that makes the entire Windows universe look as good as it works, and work better than it's ever worked before. Take a peek at the timeline below for more insight on what's coming to the software that'll replace what we know today as Windows 10.