WIMM Android smartwatch re-hashed with old concepts

The folks responsible for the WIMM Android-based device are fully conscious of the fact that they're not the only smart watch manufacturer on the block, so this week they're showing the future – at least that's what it looks like at first. The future in this case is a set of conceptual works surrounding their 1 x 1 miniature computer that show that the WIMM is not just the smart watch people know it as in its first iteration, it's part of a bigger community of possibilities. What's not immediately clear is the fact that these concepts aren't new at all, they've existed as long as the WIMM has itself.

What you're about to see is WIMM's own selection of ideas which were part of their original presentation – yet here they are now presented by WIMM as new. With very little information on these concepts other than a push for users to adopt the WIMM platform for development in both the software and hardware world.

What you're going to see here are not just the ultra-simplified plastic strap of the developer unit we reviewed so many weeks ago, but innovation that WIMM hopes will lead the watch to widespread attention in the near future. WIMM has not yet seen too much popularity in the face of much easier-to-swallow concepts such as the Pebble thus far. Will these designs, which again we've seen before help them stay in the game?

How far can this little box go?

[via WIMM]