WiiLeanback adds Wiimote control to YouTube Leanback [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 12, 2010
WiiLeanback adds Wiimote control to YouTube Leanback [Video]

YouTube’s new Leanback lounge-friendly UI went live last week, but if you’re more comfortable with a remote control than a keyboard then WiiLeanback may be of interest.  The handiwork of Robert Oschler, who has been merrily controlling WowWee robots with the Nintendo Wii controller for some time, WiiLeanback is basically a simple way to use the wiimote as a remote for the new YouTube interface.

Video demo after the cut

No gyroscope frippery here; this basically maps the wiimote’s buttons to the various YouTube controls, allowing you to pause, play, skip and rewind content, together with navigating through different user channels and other menus.  All stuff you could do with a keyboard or mouse, of course, but a whole lot more straightforward with the Nintendo controller.

Robert tells us the app should be released in a week or two – he just needs to package it up – and all you’ll need is the wiimote itself and a Bluetooth dongle if your computer doesn’t already have that integrated.  Demo of WiiLeanback in the video below.

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