YouTube Leanback and Mobile HTML5 sites launch [Video]

YouTube's Leanback lounge-friendly UI has launched, with a new HDTV-friendly UI and default settings that automatically play videos full-screen and in as high definition as is available.  Meanwhile, for somewhat smaller displays, the new YouTube Mobile site has been rolled out, complete with HTML5 video support for compatibility with a broader number of mobile devices.Video demo after the cut

Leanback pulls in suggestions based on your settings, preferences, subscriptions, friends on YouTube and – if you've linked the accounts – your Facebook friends, together with the most popular comedy, entertainment, news and other channels.  The right arrow key skips ahead to the next video, while the up/down arrows access search, player controls, and browse channels and videos.

To access Leanback head to and – as long as you're signed in – you'll see a customized feed of videos lined up waiting for you to enjoy.  Meanwhile YouTube Mobile is at

YouTube Leanback:

YouTube Mobile: