YouTube Lean Back for Google TV outed, plus auto-translation subtitles

YouTube have jumped on board with Google TV, introducing YouTube Lean Back, a custom feed of streaming videos that can be set up from the desktop and then fed into a user profile viewed on your HDTV.  Viewers will also be able to subscribe to other channels from users they follow, together with seeing the general categories, all in a useful living room friendly UI.

As well as YouTube Lean Back there's also a new NBA streaming app system and an update to Google Listen in the shape of Listen & Read.  The latter allows for podcasts – whether audio or HD video – directly accessed on your television.

There's also integration with Google's language services, allowing for instantaneous subtitle creation translated from the broadcast language to whichever other language you'd prefer (and that Google support.  More details on Google TV here, and you can sign up for more info at